The best and worst of each Sign: Leo

Leo: Masculine, Fixed, The Lion

My special key words: The Arrogant bitch/bastard, The tyrant, The Benevolent Ruler, The Fashion Star, The Show Off

For me, the Leo has gotten a bad rap because I happen to live with someone who’s natal chart is exactly opposite (or at least in the places where it counts) of mine. My venus and mars is in aquarius in my ascendant, his are in leo in his ascendant. My sun sign is Pisces, his is Virgo, so as you can see already there are a ton of issues present that is NOT ONLY because of the Leo factor.  But I digress on that. I have PLENTY of Leo material and notes.

These are some of the most friendliest people you will meet, who mean well :). I have very little problem with people with Sun in Leo. I have more issue with those who’s Ascendant is Leo in conjunction (not actual astrological conjunction but rather “in addition to”) with a mutable or cardinal sun sign (very broad I know, that just let’s you know how many people I know who have a Leo ascendant). Sometimes, those very Leo ascendants (more often than not) will also have their unique style. Not a bad thing by far.

The light side can be summarized in one example (Half-jokingly): Barack Obama.

To me, one of the big things that is noted about these lions and lionesses are their warmth and brightness. Typically, I can only detect this in fiery people, particularly other Leos and Sagittarians. With Aries, the heat seems a bit different, it is exuding from the body…like sexy sweat, lol. Leo’s tend to exude that warmth via blush or a flushedness (in fair skinned people). Their manes are well taken care of and well manicured (a bit different than their grown up Sagittarian counterparts.) Their grins are generous. Also noteworthy, to me they have that air of noble age to them. They seem older or much more mature than usual (which doesn’t necessarily mean it is wise to expect much from them…especially when they are under 25). Their jaw lines and cheek bones tend to make a more squared or rectangled shape, with the cheek bones significantly rounded like apples or stuffed with cotton. Physically, they range from thin to generous/healthy/a bit heavy.  I think, these people have the most widest range when it comes to physique.

I have known many who are generous. So that much I will have to agree with traditional astrology. Actually, for Leo I agree with almost everything.

The dark side:

Donald Trump . I’m being dead serious. His actions and attitude that he portrays to the media, which I am inclined to believe is his genuine character in private, exemplifies the negative aspect of the Leo to a “T” YES, he is Leo ascendant, Gemini sun. If you recall towards the beginning of apprentice, waaaaay in the beginning, the dude was actually tolerable and understandable. Now, he’s just an ass. To tie this in to reality and WHAT I HAVE ACTUALLY EXPERIENCED, there was an individual online with whom I had this Leo conversation a few years ago that further illustrates this point:

“Being a Leo, I am offended, and I don’t understand why you think it’s ok to talk about this in the first place,” She said.

For years after that, I literally took double and triple takes at my post (not this one) to figure out what the hell she was so offended by…Was it the Donald Trump thing? It’s not my fault that one man just so happens to display, on ascendant alone, every negative aspect  Leos have…and that she just backed it up with a cowardly private message.

As mentioned before, a family member has Venus and Mars in Leo in the ascendant. I know that this isn’t JUST an example of a bad apple in a basket, because I see a few Trumpy traits in him. Leo in ascendant, makes people bossy. That’s just the truth. Get over it.

These people can be THE most maleficent tyrants you have ever met. However! I can say that I have had less problems with them in the general public on the bossy aspect. I HAVE had issue with them on the favoritism aspect. You may be wondering “What are you talking about?”.  Most often, Leos will be in the presence of other Leos (or fiery type) people. I know this because I happen to know everyone’s astrological sign whenever  they all assemble unconsciously lol. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing…It depends on how you view things and your culture. Some believe in giving to those who are favored. Others for merit alone.

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