I really need to get on the ball…

Long time no see everyone!

I’m not going to go into all of the things that I read and have been studying; but I will give a bit of an update on the experiment that I mentioned a while back.

My intent was to collect data so that I can make a correlation between colors and people’s feelings or emotions.  I had my family members draw a three color swatches three times a day for a week, while also providing a write up and questionnaire detailing how they felt. Well, unfortunately, no one took the experiment seriously, one of my blood relatives selected the same attributes every day with minimal valuable written feedback.

So I instead changed my experiment so that I can do it. It’s not the same as having a sample, but desperate times calls for desperate measures. Right now, I am trying to figure out what cards signify what colors with the intent to pin point chakral disturbances and in what ray one may be operating (as you would recall, each ray has an associative color).

I created about seven swatches of the rainbow, and focused on each color as I shuffle and draw each card. Right now i have about 21 drawings of three cards each drawing under analysis, and I’m starting to see a correlation  but I still need more drawings. I’ll post some of the results online if all goes well.

Next, I have decided to go back to TRY to go back to Oranum. If the masters have made it where I can’t log back into my account, I won’t complain. I also have possible employment from Serenity (SSNA) by taking calls. Hopefully I hear from them soon.

I am also in the process of creating a Youtube account with visual reading examples. All that is needed is a bit of editing to cut down on the video time. I think visual examples goes a long way for people wanting to learn cartomancy.

While I was doing videos, I realized the necessity for their to be some sort of standard by which readers follow. Particularly, fellow readers, do you think that cartomancers should only use their own spreads when giving readings to other people? If so, do you think that some sort of “citation” is in order? Maybe I’m simply a bit academic, and it could also be my bleeding various occupations into cartomancy as well.

I’ll be posting more soon! Keep a look out for my Youtube account!

Lenormand and the playing card inserts

I am a part of the Learn Lenormand forum, and I recall a time when I was asked about the relationship between playing card cartomancy and the playing card inserts on the deck. I mentioned that there doesn’t seem to be a relationship between the two. I don’t think this is entirely the case anymore. First, let me discuss something that has been irritating me. It’s primarily an issue of vocabulary, so it isn’t too serious.

The term “cartomancy” refers to divination by cards. Personally, I have considered this definition to refer to all cards: tarot, lenormand, etc. To me, they are all in the cartomantic system. Even the word “carto” is derived from italian meaning “map” (hence cartographer) or paper (hence carta, meaning letter in spanish). Many people equate the word “cartomancy” to only mean playing card divination or fortune telling (apparently “divination” is also a misleading term somehow). The problem with this is that playing cards and tarot cards are linked in origin; therefore, if you ever talk about cartomancy, then you are, by default, at least referring to both playing cards and tarot, if not all cards in general. Language is funny; even though you want for something to mean something specific, the roots are so vague that they can be used and applied to modern meanings and connotations, similar to how the star or sun card in Lenormand can be used to represent anything that has something to do with electricity or the internet. If we MUST define cartomancy to something else despite the general concept of “Cards”, I think it should be whether or not there are four distictions (suits) between them. Lately I have been obsessed with the number 4. A compass has 4 cardinal directions based upon the magnetic north pole of the earth. The earth has four seasons. Lenormand has a card number divided by 4 (36 cards), and it has 4 suits. Playing cards obviously has the same but with 52. Some French systems have 32 cards, which is divisible by 4, once again.  Tarot, on the other hand, is a bit different. The Minor Arcana is distinctively divided into 4 with 56 cards; however, in the Major Arcana there are 22 cards that are not divisible by four. Right now, I’m only trying to be logical. I don’t use Tarot very often, if ever, but while the Tarot system may have something special going on with the extra 22 cards, the minor arcana still gives tarot its home and basis in cartomancy.

I have always wondered whether or not the Lenormand Cards were even remotely related to playing cards. Recently, I have faced an opposition in which I had to adapt and find a way to use Lenormand cards without the pictures. So, I fished out a spare deck of cards that I had for a while, and I assigned the traditional lenormand meaning to the corresponding card. For example, 9 of diamonds corresponds with “coffin” in Lenormand, so I wrote the number 8 and coffin on top of the playing card. I’ve started using these, and I have found that they work just as well as if they had pictures. Thus, I have no problem, nor remorse, stashing Lenormand in the cartomancy family.

When I was using the pictures, I totally ignored the playing card inserts; meanwhile I felt that I needed to establish a better connection with my playing cards, and so I meditated on each card meaning. Most interesting was my meditation on the 8 of hearts card; because of the 8 pip and the esoteric meaning behind 8, I equated the 8 of hearts to representing a certain phase of the moon or a month. Interestingly, the 8 of hearts is also the moon card in the Lenormand system. So apparently, there is indeed a connection between Lenormand and playing card divination; though I am still trying to understand what that connecton is.

Reading, journaling, and more reading

I’m feeling really chatty today, and it is very much likely because of my environment. I’ve been wanting to do quite a bit of different things from playing the guitar to painting, but I find myself only getting into arguments with idiots that don’t understand that their thinking process is beyond flawed, and I find myself reading (books and articles) a lot.

As mentioned before, I started to learn the Lenormand System. I’m not going to lie, but the primary reason that I was drawn to this system was because the archetypes, symbol or whatever was simple, and the pictures were nostalgic. I am also going to divulge a terrible baddy on my part: before I truly focused on learning, I did not journal many of my readings. Now I have two small books of 5 pt writing. I couldn’t be any happier that I started to record my readings.

It’s truly the perfect way to reflect on what I don’t know, and I love it. I love learning more, and it’s an addiction that I have. For example, I discovered that I have the most difficult time in interpreting the 7 of hearts.

Apart from that, I have decided to investigate hedgewytchery. Does that mean that I consider myself a hedgewytch? Not really. When it comes to my identity, I am still coming to terms with the fact that I am a cartomancer, and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. Even then, my identifying myself as a cartomancer involved a lot of experimenting: I’ve tested tarot, playing cards (both French and Italian), etteilla, and now Lenormand. Of all of these, I have adopted playing card cartomancy (Italian) and Lenormand. Similarly, I’m not entirely sure where I stand on hedgewytchery. I love plants, and I have many plant friends in my room. I am also interested in learning how to manifest things (hence the “wytch” end of hedgewytch; I personally would be happy being called or considered a hedge girl with a topiary afro). Does that make me a hedgewytch? I don’t know. I’ll tell you later.

Back to cartomancy.

So, I have finally purchased- after 4 years of study- Regina Russell’s Cardreader’s Handbook. I look forward to what treasure it will have within it, and I can’t wait for it’s delivery. I also purchased Sylvie’s book Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle, but I know that is a good book, and I am vaguely aware of how juicy it’s contents is by the commentary on various forums.

Anyways, I just felt that I should post something; it has been a very long time since I’ve posted something. It’s been about three months or so, I think. Even though I am constantly learning something (I blame my Sagittarian Moon in my midheaven), I still know quite a bit and I am more than willing to share what I know (and even provide resources). If you are also learning and you have any questions, feel free to post them here or email me at angelariel999@gmail.com. I’ll be more than happy to share what I know.

New Year Reading with Lenormand

I said that I would post my New Year reading, and I have, just not on my blog. I posted it on the  Learn Lenormand Site towards the beginning of the year. Here is the reading:

I added up the numbers of the month’s cards to get an underlying energy, quintessence (Q), or “back story” so to speak about the month. (I calculated via the chaldean manner, or the manner as specified in Linda Goodman’s Star Signs book)

January: Letter (27), Cross (36), Lily (30) Q: Mountain (21), Ship (21)      EX: (2+7=9, 3+6=9, 3+0=3; 9+9+3=21; 2+1=3)
February: Moon (32), Flowers (9), Ship (3) Q: Stork (17), Coffin (8 )
March: Anchor (35), Coffin (8 ), Ring (25) Q: Mice (23), Tree (5)
April: Dog (18), Mountain (21), Woman (29) Q: Mice (23), Tree (5)            EX: (1+8=9, 2+1=3, 2+9=11; 9+3+11=23; 2+3=5)
May: Stork (17), book (26), Heart (24) Q: Paths (22) {House (4)}
June: Bear (15), Clouds (6), Tower (19) Q: Child (13), House (4)
July: Child (13), Scythe (10), Fish (34) Q: Birds (12), Ship (3)
August: Whips (11), Key (33), Sun (31) Q: Mountain (21), Ship (3)
September: Fox (14), Paths (22), Rider (1) Q: Man (28), Scythe (10), Rider (1)
October: Snake (7), Tree (5), Stars (16) Q: Tower (19), Scythe (19), Rider (1)
November: Birds (12), Garden (20), Mice (33) Q: Scythe (10), Rider (1)
December: Clover (3), House (4), Man (28) Q: Snake (7)

Things that initially stick out: March and April, mice + tree show someone becoming sick. Worry may be wittling away at someone’s health.

Directly from my notes:

January: Letter, Cross, Lily Q: Mountain, Ship

Almost Oxymoronic- a troubling  or burdensome message brings peace. I think my father’s letter will come in January, and my fear is that it will not be as positive as expected. Alternatively, it could represent bad news that is introduced but is taken lightly, a perspective in which normally bad news is good news. Kind of like the cup half empty or half full perspective.  In any case, news will come as the burden of feeling stuck with the mountain will slowly fade away with the ship.

February: Moon, Flowers, Ship Q: Stork, Coffin

This makes me happy to see! Recognition will be given for my art and business opportunities will follow. Stork and Coffin show that the changes that occurred in January are likely to end or slow down.

March: Anchor, Coffin, Ring Q: Mice+ Tree

Instinctively, it almost seems as though a relationship will end, but that doesn’t necessarily match the tone of the quintessence.

A job ends for a long time.
A relationship/a long lasting relationship ends. 
A long lasting illness develops because stress is wearing down one’s health. 
Someone will become employed by a dead end job.
I really think that in this case, the Quintessence is a cause, and the other cards may be a result. “Because of worrying and stress affecting one’s health, one may become bedridden, immobilized, or lose their job.”
My only question is whether or not the ring is “time” or a cycle, or does it mean “relationship”. If it is the latter, anchor//ring could mean a coworker or working relationships. Someone, likely a workaholic, or someone who enjoys socializing on the job, and has many friends or relationships there, will feel cut off (coffin) from these peers. I am about 80% sure that this is probably a work/ health related issue.

April: Dog, Mountain, Woman Q: Mice, Tree.

Here we see the worry, and it’s effects on the health bleeding over into April. 
Something I just thought about, the mice could also represent people who drain on someone’s resources little by little. This could also take on a “contagious” meaning, in which those who are sick are infecting others.  This is an actual sickness, not just stress and worry.

Dog, mountain, and woman reads that I will become long distance friends with someone. I don’t necessarily know who this may be as I already have a long distance friend in another state, I doubt that I will gain any others because I don’t really have any close female friends, or close friends, in general. 

Epiphany while writing: It could instead mean that a friend will end up becoming a burden to me. A friend (dog), burdens (mountain), me (woman). It could also mean a friend (dog) greatly separates from (mountain) me (woman). In any case, It looks like some things may become a little sour this month. 

May: Stork, Book, Heart Q: Paths (house)

Choices about what’s comfortable will cause a secret change of heart. House= King of heart, a father’s or fairhaired man’s decision cause a hidden change of hart in the mother or fairhaired maiden.  Because stork= changes, book= secret, education, or knowledge,  and heart= love, emotion, fulfillment, and happiness, I think this may imply that my brother (who is the only one in my family who is in college at the moment)may change his major. A change in major or change in a field of study to one most preferred at heart. I guess this could also include me as well. I have been wanting to get in herbal practitioning or into something involving alternative heath. In any case, the Quintessence of this month shows that it will be a month of choices that will challenge one to leave behind that which they may be most comfortable with.

June: Bear, Clouds, Tower Q: Child, House

The House card appeared again.
I feel like we will be getting a lot of rain this month. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s hurricanes. Either or way, this will be a wet month.
Trouble will brew at work. Because of cramped quarters, a small house (child + house), a small work area, or a “child playing house”, a big or heavy-set woman or person of authority will try to fix long-term problems at her place of employment with short term fixes.

Epiphany while writing: Financial that were small and short term will become larger and long term.

Someone will cause trouble, likely a woman or a manger at her work or someplace where those of authority, businessmen and women, gather or assemble. Another possibility if I look at it in a political sense is that a jerk-face politician will cause short-term problems in Congress. 

Alternatively, if I really stretch, a food shortage, or a shortage at a food bank will occur because of large amounts of rain.

July: Child, Scythe, Fish Q: Birds and Ship
A small surprise or cut in finances. Well, maybe a short trip is on the menu. Child//fish, “small fish” a business venture may be cut short (because of finances).  Due to messages from very faraway places, there is a small and sudden loss in profits.

August: Whips, Key, Sun Q: Mountain Ship
Boundaries let up and things begin to move again in a similar way as in January. 

Epiphany while writing: There is a possibility that this implies that I will still be working for my college, as classes start during the spring semester in January (Q: Mountain and Ship), and during the fall semester in August.

There may be arguments and a very heated battle, but the answers sought and found will prevail and success will follow. 

September: Fox, Paths, Rider Q: Man, Scythe, Rider

*this one was tricky*
Man+ Rider= a messenger (male)
Scythe+ rider= cuts out a worker. A sudden message.
A man fires a worker or cuts off his normal source of receiving information. 

Fox + Rider= a clever messenger. An employee. A job offer. A trades man. A “tip” or insider information.
Fox + Paths= A careful and cunning decision, or an option that requires a lot of thought and tact.
Paths + Rider=??? multiple ways of receiving information, information being sent out.

I know that this month will be full of sudden amounts of information and changes. A man makes a sudden decision. 
Fox, Paths, Rider could mean that information is carefully and sneakily sent out. I’m curious as for what purpose. It’s a stark contrast for August to be so explosive and yet this month to be so muted and hidden. 

***the following was interpreted as I was typing it***

October: Snake, Tree, Stars Q: Tower, Scythe, Rider
In this case, the tower is the one doing the “suddening”. While last month things were a bit more grassroots in regards to a decision having been made, this one is a bit more official with the tower present. 

Sudden health problems leaves someone seeing stars (I’m joking here). I think that this may be good. Snake can also have a negative connotation, but I think that this time it may just show that something is surprising. 
Intellectual karma brings success. Someone will feel surprised (snake) that their past deeds (tree) lead to reward (stars). In any case, if it were a positive surprise, that would explain the low-key attributes of the September cards. You know, I wonder if this could have something to do with my boyfriend (man), in that he may, in the future know a bit about what all the secrecy is about. He is pretty tight lipped on things not to be told. 

November: Birds, Garden, Mice Q: Scythe, Rider

We see that the ripples from September still are in affect in November. 

A group discussion or meeting will become stressful.
A group discussion, seminar or meeting, will be shortened.

I’m having a little trouble in interpreting mice here.  I almost get a feeling of stage fright being involved.
At the same time, according to the definitions on the website, it could mean that an event will become canceled.

December: Clover, House, Man Q: Snake
The first thing that came to mind is either I spending the holidays with my boyfriend, or my boyfriend spending the holidays with my family. In either case, it would be a first time for both.

For Two days or two weeks, house a man. 
Good luck for the house of the Man. 
The snake as the Q, is kind of blunt. I didn’t and don’t really expect it to be alone, I feel like there is something more to it, like, as though another card should be paired with it. Otherwise, it could be a month involving a dark haired woman. It would really suck if he decided to cheat on me on year 3 of our relationship in December, but it doesn’t necessarily feel like that either.  My guess is that it could either be me, who cleverly and beggingly arranged for him to spend the holidays at my home in plotting for marriage in the future, or his aunt inviting me over her home for the holidays in hoping to discover what kind of person I am. In either case, there is an investigative aspect to this quintessence.

You can find this reading in the forums as well, but you will have to create a log in account:

Learn Lenormand Forum: Angel Ariel 999′s Yearly reading


The best and worst of each sign: Capricorn

Capricorn: Feminine, Cardinal, The Goat or the Half Goat Half Fish

My Personal Key Words: The Dark Ones, Health Nut, The Other Tyrant, The Conservative One

Yet another sign I know ever so well, both historically and personally. He who I greatly adore, my own lover, is a Capricorn, and a couple of my friends are as well. Similarly, a number of others have their moon in Capricorn. And I must say, that it is very surprising whenever I discover my Capricorn peers. I equate them to being like a quiet spider: They are typically quiet and to themselves, and you never notice that they are even present until it’s too late…

I hate Spiders, but that doesn’t have anything to do with my Capricorn affiliates.

Oh so much to say! Where do I start?

Well, first off, I do want to mention that some Capricorns have dark features of varying intensity. When I say “dark” I’m not referring to skin color. Honestly, I’m not even really talking about hair or eye color either. I am mainly addressing FEATURES. Sometimes they appear flat out frightening, and some appear frighteningly beautiful- surprising. Actually, when you settle down out of your fear, that which may frighten you may be appreciated as beauty. From my experience, a majority of the Capricorns I know are dark haired naturally which does accentuate some of their more frightening features. I know one individual who looks almost exactly like that woman who is painted as Persephone, except she is a bit more pale and has thick black curly hair instead of brown hair. In any case, I would definitely associate Capricorns as having naturally dark hair rather than being blonde.

Speaking of Persephone, I have read a couple of articles about the Capricorn individual typically being stern, studious, and serious during the first part of their life and then slowly enjoying life as they become older- IF they become older. I can’t entirely vouch for this perspective. I know of two Capricorns of the top of my head that began their life in the deep darkness of hell and are either still there or are climbing out, and even then, the hell varies from person to person, from situation to situation. I will say that these are the more serious type of people.

And in being serious, the Capricorn also takes his or her work very seriously-in most cases. I recall an incident I had with another Capricorn that didn’t do her classwork and did nothing but complain about her instructors every time I saw her.

Another thing that I also want to point out that I have yet to verify is whether or not the goat gets to the top of the mountain. I know of a couple of people with a Capricorn sun who are most definitely not the best in the field that they study in or specialize in, yet. I also know of people who have a Capricorn moon, more on these folk in a moment, that wait forever for their rightful place at the top of the mountain, and while I can also see the light at the end of the tunnel with them, I can’t say that they have actually reached the end of the tunnel, yet.

Finally, there is a matter that is amazing to me about these Goatsy folk. It is the same thing that makes me want to completely and utterly ring their neck. Many, and I do mean MANY, have some sort of dedication to their health whether it be what they eat or how often they exercise. My lover is an athlete participating in two sports, and if it weren’t for his ever so beloved Saturnine Time he probably would be participating in a third, my brother having a Capricorn ascendant insists on fighting to showcase his athleticism, and I remember a fellow psychic that I know who would be away because of her dedication to exercise. This isn’t even all of the list!

One more thing, and I swear I’ll leave the old Goats alone. Capricorns are time munchers. What do I mean by this? What I mean is that of all of the signs of the zodiac, these people chew the most time, and yet, tend to live the longest. Piscean ladies, you may have heard that Capricorns try to fit you into a schedule, well…sadly, it’s true. I don’t per se have this problem with those who have the sign in their ascendant, but it is clearly evident in those who have Capricorn as their sun or moon sign. It’s not necessarily a bad thing as it is an annoying thing. Just keep in mind, most of the time, they are working hard but they are indeed loyal to you as both a friend and/or lover.


DarkTarot (www.darktarot.com)

Hello everyone! I apologize for my inactivity as of late, I have been job hunting. Ironically, in a field that is related to this post. I’ll discuss more on that later though. I want to share a new experience with you.

A few days ago I stumbled upon an interesting tarot reading website called www.darktarot.com. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that finding a GOOD tarot reading website is difficult to find. For many it is a matter of just feeling the confidence and comfort that the online version of the tarot can adequately pick up on energies to give a decent reading. For me, I always feel like there are probability problems. Furthermore, it is also hard as nails to find brief and abridged history of divination and the Tarot. On the Dark Tarot website, all of these things are addressed.

When I first entered the site, the first thing I noticed was that the site was “clean”. It was not over designed with flamboyant graphics. There are not any bright colors, and the black and white theme clears the visitor’s palette. This is truly a site where even if you’re not there to use the reading system, you can leave the window open to rest. There is a gypsy image on the page is not gaudy or flamboyant, it’s as if she is there to entice the visitor from the newfound calm to receive a reading. I pressed the “consult the tarot” link to see what Dark Tarot had to offer.

The individual is lead to a dark screen, and is asked for their first name. A short analysis is performed, and then the user is asked for his or her birthday and it displays your zodiac sign and the relevancy of the information inputted. Next the visitor is asked to ask their question, and subsequently asked to click on the deck of cards. Three cards are drawn, and the visitor is instructed to click on each card from left to right. A brief interpretation of each card appears at the bottom of the page.

Of course, I am not going to give my first name, but surely my middle name works just as well! I gave my information, and asked the question: “What major events will take place within the next 6 months”. And then I was directed to the card screen. My three tarot cards I pulled were The Hermit, The Star, and The Hanged Man. I have been confronting the fact that I need to be still and accept the fact that things are not as fast paced as I prefer because I need to take some time out for myself to reflect. So even apart from this site I have been drawing the Hermit Tarot Card quite frequently lately. To me this was simple sign from the universe that this reading was accurate.  Of course, the interpretation given on each card was generic; but, being a skilled cartomancer I could easily tell what type of event was being forecasted. While I may seem a bit recluse (The Hermit), it is for good cause because soon I would have achieved my goal and more (The Star); after achieving my set goal I will be challenged, tested to see if I am willing to make the necessary sacrifices needed to progress further. To me, these cards reflected and affirmed many of my plans and ideas for the future, which pleased me greatly.

After taking a look at the card reading interface on Dark Tarot, I returned to the home page and looked at the short menu to the left. I visited each link, and I was briefed on the historical relevance of divination, the theoretical origins of the tarot, and most interestingly, HOW the gypsy tarot reading interface worked. All of the articles are legible because of its book like format. There is even a link about the interpretation of the Major Arcana or “Triumphs”. Thus this site is not only great for leisure, but it can be incorporated into the learning material of upcoming card readers. Of course and things should be, some things are meant to remain arcane until the appointed time. I won’t divulge all of the website’s contents; I’m quite certain you will want to take a look at Dark Tarot’s website on your own. In any case, I find www.darktarot.com to be very elegant and unique, and it is definitely worth visiting.

Daily Tarot June 16th

So, yesterday I and my friends hand problems agreeing on where to go to eat…This may seem a bit trivial, but it was funny. VERY funny. If there were a joke involving 2 librans and 2 pisces, this would be it, lol. In any case, that was the only and main issue. Noone could agree on where to go and Pisces dude didnt want to go to a chinese food restaurant, were everyone else wanted to go….AND HE WASN’T EVEN HUNGRY! lol…

Things died down at home, not much problems when I came back. I forced my brother to visit my grandmother today with the rest of the family.


Heirophant Reversed + Magician + Lovers

Heirophant reversed= Dissenting from the majority, not being part of a community or organization
Magician= Creation, innovation
Lovers= Choices, decisions, Good will

I can see how Dissenting from the majority or not being part of an organization may lead to innovation and success, but I can’t quite put magician and lovers together.

**Thinking tangent**
The common denominator between 6 (lovers) and 1 (magician) is one
(magician); but lovers is nothing more than either a triple dose of the High priestess, or a Double dose of the Empress… Hmmm… If we look at The lovers Card as being a triple dose of the high priestess, then the magician would be presenting a decision that in whatever the individual chooses would lead to secrets never known before, in this case the Magician would act as an enlightening agent, may seem to others to be almost a spiritual prophet of some sort. (Magician manipulates elements towards an end; in looking at the end being spiritual and spiritual knowledge, this would mean that the magician would look more like a shaman than anything).

Alternatively, if we look at the Lovers Card as being a double dose of the Empress, then the end would be more so that relative to the sign Taurus (the sign of my mother), comfort, and maternal. In this case the magician would come off as being a patriarch and supplier of needs; He uses the elements for financial ends. Thus he comes off as a businessman, or father. **end thinking tangent**

So this could mean that dad will support mother’s choice (Don’t know what it is). Otherwise, the magician + lovers combination shows that new opportunities and choices (that will expand one’s horizons both spiritually and financially) will be presented after having distinguishing oneself apart from “The conventional crowd” (heirophant). Independence and individuality is important today.

Daily Tarot Draw June 15th 2012

So, for feedback from yesterday, I spend the day working on my artist portfolio. There was also a ton of snide remarks at home that was directed at me, and many that I did indeed hold my tongue. Shortly after today’s daily draw, I had some issues with my family. This morning my mother got angry with me because I wanted to save money and not purchase bleach O_o…instead of being reasonable she went and complained to my father…So I attribute this and further stupid notions to energies from yesterday.

Today’s Cards:
High Priestess Reversed + Heirophant Reversed + Wheel Reversed

High Priestess reversed= Intuition is held back, a sense of feeling disconnected emotionally

Heirophant reversed= Dissenting from a group or organization, lack of community structure

Wheel Reversed= The down side of life, things going down hill, being out of control and possibly bossed around.

From what I can tell, today be be a great day to lay low and take some alone time. There will be emotional disconnect when in groups. Peer pressure or problems consenting to the will of the majority may be an obstacle today. Possible random stuff going wrong.

I was planning on hanging out with some friends today. It seems as though I may end up fading into the background, or being there but not “being there”.

Daily Tarot Draw

Today’s Cards:

Temperance + Transformation (Death) + Moon Reversed

The moon has quite often popped up in a lot of my readings, both in lenormand and in Tarot. I have been wondering if it is my significator, but I don’t quite know how to figure that out with the major arcana of tarot (which I am using)

Temperance= Balance, Harmony, peace, combination of opposing elements

Transformation= Changes, metamorphosis, transitions, ends

Moon reverse= Reality coming through, seeing through illusions, confusion and overactivity

I think this combination shows that I will have regained a sense of balance in my general self; thus, if only for today only, certain aspects that aren’t needed will fade away or pass. I will see the truth in a lot of things now, and see things as they are since I will approach things from a more sound mind. I think this refers to my art.

I’m not too sure what this means in a mundane sense. It could mean one holding their tongue or holding back on their real emotions, the result being a change in perspective. This will imply that there may be arguments or precursor arguments on the horizon today.

The intention Spread: What are his intentions long term?

Intention Spread: What are his long term intentions

This is Kali’s Intention Spread. The first column discusses the current situation, the second column shows what the person thinks about the querent. The third column shows what the person thinks the querent thinks of him or her. The fourth column shows the person’s intentions, and the 5th column represents the future, or where things are headed.For this reading, I am curious as to what my boyfriend’s intentions are long term in our relationship.

The first column: 10 of spades, 10 of clubs, King of Clubs

His card is the King of clubs, he as a golden tan coloring, but darker than white people, has dark hair and dark eyes. He is pretty much a perfect example of someone who is King of Clubsy…take a look at the King of Clubs in my interpretation for the Club’s Suit.

The two 10′s often represent long distance travel. This can go both ways for he is an hour or two away. Alternatively we can look at each individual card and interpret that to get his status for the moment.Because this column is Spade Club Club format, I’m can deduce that this may be related to work. The 10 of spades tends to pop up whenever there is a very shocking or depressing event to occur that causes a ton of tears and sadness. One thing is for certain, after talking to him, SAD is not what he is.

The 10 of spades + 10 of clubs can represent profound stress, or a surprising about of stress involved in his current work. My concern is that this could result in an injury (a muscle injury), as the club suit represents muscles, and the spades could in this case represent tearing.

What he thinks of me: Ace of Diamonds, 7 of clubs, 8 of hearts

In general, this combination of Diamonds, Clubs, and Hearts makes me think that he views me in the sense of working hard for my desires or for others, or perhaps even generous (as Diamond + Heart can represent spending on desires or loved ones).

The Ace of diamonds represents commitment, the 7 of clubs represents hard work and struggle, and the 8 of hearts also represents commitment. While ace of diamonds is more so of a focused commitment for marriage, the 8 of hearts is more of a commitment in general within a relationship, whether it is with or without marriage. So in any case he is indeed committed. I had spoken with him about the possibility of marriage though…

The 8 of hearts could also represent people and the sense of a “majority”. In a way there is a sense of philanthropy associated with the 8 of hearts, so this could alternatively mean that he views me as a dedicated and bright individual who works hard for the sake of others. It could also mean the he knows I am looking for a job (Ace of diamonds) And am gun ho (7 of clubs) and dedicated on this task (8 of hearts).

What he thinks I think of him: Queen of Spades, 3 of Diamonds, 9 of diamonds

The queen of spades tends to represent an intervening second woman in the relationship, and the 3 of diamonds shows that one’s focus is scattered and in many different areas. The 9 of diamonds gives a sense of vigor  as this card is associated with red. Alternatively, and most likely, it could simply represent “think”. He thinks I think he is prone to cheating. I will not lie, I am always watching and asking questions…

His intentions: 4 of spades, Queen of Hearts, 4 of hearts

This is a bit of a baffling combination. Spades Heart Heart shows that even though there is a small problem or doubt, things will be well. Spades +hearts denote a mental vs heart problem in which the person has an internal battle going on within him or her. In this case the heart wins the battle.

The Queen of hearts is my card. I find this combination baffling in that I am practically blocked in. “Blocked” as in surrounded by the cards that represent obstacles and squares (the number 4). The 4 of spades represents confinement, while the 4 of hearts can represent healing. I do have some problems in my home life, so it could simply mean he wants to “Take me far away” into seclusion where I may be safe. The hearts ending the trio means that he means well in his wanting to do this. Alternatively, and definitely humorously true, he could want to trap (4 of spades) me (queen of hearts) onto a bed (4 of hearts=sex or bed on which people have sex on), lol.

The future/where things are headed: King of hearts, 2 of clubs, 3 of hearts

This can represent my father or his father (king of hearts) communicating or sharing (two of clubs) or giving a beautiful gift (3 of hearts). I have spoken with my father, I still live with him so there is seldomly a day that I DON’T talk to him; however, my boyfriend has a different situation. I am guessing that his father may contact him with some pretty good news.