The intention Spread: What are his intentions long term?

Intention Spread: What are his long term intentions

This is Kali’s Intention Spread. The first column discusses the current situation, the second column shows what the person thinks about the querent. The third column shows what the person thinks the querent thinks of him or her. The fourth column shows the person’s intentions, and the 5th column represents the future, or where things are headed.For this reading, I am curious as to what my boyfriend’s intentions are long term in our relationship.

The first column: 10 of spades, 10 of clubs, King of Clubs

His card is the King of clubs, he as a golden tan coloring, but darker than white people, has dark hair and dark eyes. He is pretty much a perfect example of someone who is King of Clubsy…take a look at the King of Clubs in my interpretation for the Club’s Suit.

The two 10′s often represent long distance travel. This can go both ways for he is an hour or two away. Alternatively we can look at each individual card and interpret that to get his status for the moment.Because this column is Spade Club Club format, I’m can deduce that this may be related to work. The 10 of spades tends to pop up whenever there is a very shocking or depressing event to occur that causes a ton of tears and sadness. One thing is for certain, after talking to him, SAD is not what he is.

The 10 of spades + 10 of clubs can represent profound stress, or a surprising about of stress involved in his current work. My concern is that this could result in an injury (a muscle injury), as the club suit represents muscles, and the spades could in this case represent tearing.

What he thinks of me: Ace of Diamonds, 7 of clubs, 8 of hearts

In general, this combination of Diamonds, Clubs, and Hearts makes me think that he views me in the sense of working hard for my desires or for others, or perhaps even generous (as Diamond + Heart can represent spending on desires or loved ones).

The Ace of diamonds represents commitment, the 7 of clubs represents hard work and struggle, and the 8 of hearts also represents commitment. While ace of diamonds is more so of a focused commitment for marriage, the 8 of hearts is more of a commitment in general within a relationship, whether it is with or without marriage. So in any case he is indeed committed. I had spoken with him about the possibility of marriage though…

The 8 of hearts could also represent people and the sense of a “majority”. In a way there is a sense of philanthropy associated with the 8 of hearts, so this could alternatively mean that he views me as a dedicated and bright individual who works hard for the sake of others. It could also mean the he knows I am looking for a job (Ace of diamonds) And am gun ho (7 of clubs) and dedicated on this task (8 of hearts).

What he thinks I think of him: Queen of Spades, 3 of Diamonds, 9 of diamonds

The queen of spades tends to represent an intervening second woman in the relationship, and the 3 of diamonds shows that one’s focus is scattered and in many different areas. The 9 of diamonds gives a sense of vigor  as this card is associated with red. Alternatively, and most likely, it could simply represent “think”. He thinks I think he is prone to cheating. I will not lie, I am always watching and asking questions…

His intentions: 4 of spades, Queen of Hearts, 4 of hearts

This is a bit of a baffling combination. Spades Heart Heart shows that even though there is a small problem or doubt, things will be well. Spades +hearts denote a mental vs heart problem in which the person has an internal battle going on within him or her. In this case the heart wins the battle.

The Queen of hearts is my card. I find this combination baffling in that I am practically blocked in. “Blocked” as in surrounded by the cards that represent obstacles and squares (the number 4). The 4 of spades represents confinement, while the 4 of hearts can represent healing. I do have some problems in my home life, so it could simply mean he wants to “Take me far away” into seclusion where I may be safe. The hearts ending the trio means that he means well in his wanting to do this. Alternatively, and definitely humorously true, he could want to trap (4 of spades) me (queen of hearts) onto a bed (4 of hearts=sex or bed on which people have sex on), lol.

The future/where things are headed: King of hearts, 2 of clubs, 3 of hearts

This can represent my father or his father (king of hearts) communicating or sharing (two of clubs) or giving a beautiful gift (3 of hearts). I have spoken with my father, I still live with him so there is seldomly a day that I DON’T talk to him; however, my boyfriend has a different situation. I am guessing that his father may contact him with some pretty good news.

Job Reading

Job Reading

I am contemplating looking for a part time job somewhere. I used Kapherus’ overview spread with the 8 of clubs, the card of work, as a significator (as he recommends). The link to this spread is here: Overview/career spread

The cards to the left represents past influences and experience. The card on the top are things that I enjoy or am looking for, and the card on the bottom represents what I dread. The two cards to the right represents the future or future prospects.

The two cards, 5 of clubs and Ace of clubs, definitely represents hands on experience in education (school). I am an active (5 of clubs) student in college (Ace of clubs). I am looking for a place where Intellect is emphasized (jack of spades), and I hate financial worry and struggle (7 of diamonds). The jack of diamonds and Ace of hearts makes me feel like I will more than likely work from home (Jack of diamonds is a home body). However, the diamonds and heart suit represents generosity, and I have a good feeling full of joy with the spread ending in the Ace of hearts. So once again, It may very well be a place of celebration like a party supply store. It may also refer to job pertaining to home decorating and management.

Inspirations, Teachers and the Problem with Practicing Cartomancy

Even though we all can agree on the surface that there is not a correct spiritual path to follow, one of the most difficult things to learn are the metaphysical things. I started learning cartomancy during the winter months of 2009, and when I started, I was afraid to use tarot because of the things that I was told my my God fearing family members. Thus, as a way to get around it, I just tried playing cards. I looked it up, and Voila! Such a divination method existed, and for quiet some time at that.

Still, there was the matter of learning it. Some of the first online sources I found was from Dawn Jackson who discusses and teaches quite thoroughly the Hedgewytch method, and Kapherus  who is a lover of cards in general and explores many different types of cartomantic techniques.  Since I began, the original sites for each respected author had gone down one a many different times. Dawn Jackson’s site “the Hedgewytch” went down permanently. Rumors that I have read was that it was because she was making a book; but, I have no way of knowing one way or another. While scrounging for information, I finally found a .PDF version of the Hedgewytch method of cartomancy she  or some peers circulated secretly (I don’t remember how I got a copy of it). Meanwhile Kapherus’s site “The Art of Cartomancy” went down as well as a ton of the information there. And thus, the new “home base” shifted to “The Cartomancy Forum” which had many talented and interesting cartomancers that ceased being active. With the passing of “The Art of Cartomancy” forum, “The Cartomancy” forum became lively again.

While these sites were down, dead and/or inactive, I had to go elsewhere to practice the art. I ended up going to “Mystic Games”, which featured a chat room with many people, some of which were those who claimed to be psychic, boasted being cartomancers, or denounced cartomancy as a legitimate art. I didn’t really know about this at first, just how dank and dusty that place was, but I was just happy for the opportunity to be able to read for someone and practice again. However, this place did not serve as a method for me to only practice. I truly am a loner at heart, but I still desire to communicate with other people about the things that matter most to me. One of those things is/was philosophy and metaphysics. As I tried interacting on this level,  not just reading, I realized just the kind of people that are attracted to places like these: those that are for whatever reason suffering.

That’s not so bad now is it? I mean, even I am suffering in a way. I want to help people but I suffer from low esteem, believing I’d fail them. I want to be able to talk to people, and others not call me names or judge me. I don’t quite know where the line was drawn for me, but the problem became less about the helping aspect and more about the nasty attitudes of those that I was reading. Those who picked fight with others in the chat room, those who insulted others just because they forecasted things that don’t or didn’t fall in line with their desires. It just, people became just yucky to deal with at Mystic Games. The place itself, is great! It’s just the types of people attracted to it, aren’t always great. And to be fair, the same was for the forums. I often had to deal with someone in the forums who tried to force me to read the way they wanted to, or I had ego battles with them for regurgitating some things I was learning. (People hate being told they are less than angelic).  I was just telling the truth as I saw it.

And from Mystic Games, I went to Oranum. You will still find my profile there. The only problem is that you have a TON of people who want readings without pay. No problem with me OFF the site, but it is a big problem ON the site. To many people. Just way to many people. I made 100$ from the site, and left. I’m avoiding going back, because while I was there, I FELT the pressure on my shoulders from all of the negativity from the people. Instead, I decided to just work alone, for pennies (4$ for general readings etc). Not bad, but I still have the problem with people being disgusting for not giving extra free readings (which I do anyways).  Granted, it is just a few people I have to deal with. Sometimes I just read for donations or tips.

In any case, reading for other people wasn’t the problem. It was only the people themselves. They reach out and beg for help, divine help, when they themselves just don’t want to pray. They put too much expectation on the reader: We don’t fix things, we only show you yourself and show you your situations. Furthermore, we are not Gods or divine.

And so, for a hot 5 months, I barely read for anyone online. I only read for people in real life and the one in real life who I love. That in itself proved interesting. Some of the people who I read were of Wiccan Religion, and found my methods unorthodox and “incorrect”.  Which is cool, I can take that. To each their own. I learn much from reading for my lover as well.

I started up again after school stuff ended, I started reading again, and the first person paid for a General reading using the 4 aces spread got angry because I wouldn’t go any deeper into a certain aspect of her life (that would require another reading). It things like this, that to me illustrate what problems I have with card reading for others… It’s just a bunch of nonsensical perspectives and attitudes that I can handle, but I don’t want to for fear of being to rash and harsh.

It is just difficult to go through all the trouble to learn these things, just to have to also deal with these matters as well. I am grateful to Kapherus and Dawn for teaching and or mentoring me, and I only want to be a good representative of what they taught me as a student; but, how does one be a “good reader” when you have such terrible querents?